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Take security to another level with
Artificial intelligence

Don't wait for the problem to happen. Octos prevents occurrences, using AI for proactive monitoring and accurate analysis in real time.


A definitive solution for your monitoring center

Simplify and optimize your operation.

Octos uses Artificial Intelligence to filter events and detect failures, allowing operators to focus on the essentials. Give your operators precision and agility with Octos technology and provide your customers with improved safety.


How does it work?

Octos intelligence analyzes all camera-generated events and verifies the cause, removing up to 95% of irrelevant events before they even reach the operator's desk.


Modern Cloud Platform

With Octos, leverage the security of the AWS cloud to maintain your existing devices, save money, and get constant feature updates.


Transparent Integration

Octos integrates with your existing systems, optimizing operations without requiring changes, ensuring the effectiveness of your team.


Advanced Analysis with Deep Learning

Events analyzed by proprietary neural networks on high-performance servers ensure accurate and highly reliable real-time monitoring.

Meet some of the customers monitored by Octos!


Our intelligences


Double pass

It occurs when two vehicles pass, one right behind the other, without waiting the appropriate time between passes. Our advanced intelligence identifies these incidents, enabling immediate response.



It occurs when someone tries to modify, move or cover the surveillance camera. Using image analysis and alert technologies, we quickly identify any changes.



It occurs when someone or a vehicle enters a restricted area without authorization. We act proactively to identify these situations, ensuring the integrity of the site.



It occurs when the device fails and its function is compromised. We automate the virtual tour with periodic camera checks, ensuring its proper functioning at all times.

For more use exemples, contact us!


How do you win?

Transform your business with AI innovation

Reduced false events and fewer errors

Competitive differentiation and increase in the value of contracts

Customer loyalty and brand strengthening


Rafael Ricci | EDARE GROUP

"We were so quick that there was no theft, there was no damage."

Ready to transform your security?

With Octos, you not only optimize your operations but also redefine the very notion of effective security. Still uncertain? Begin a no-obligation free trial today!

Having any difficulties?
Contact our Help Center.

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